International Women’s Day 2019

Construction is Australia’s most male-dominated industry; women make up 12% of the construction workforce: 14% of construction managers and professionals and just 1% of construction tradespeople.
To celebrate International Women’s Day, we want to share the stories of some of the women of Quickway, and why we tip the scales with a workforce that is 25% female.

Meet Clare Strong:


Clare is our Project Administrator & Community Liaison Officer and has worked at Quickway almost one year. She comes from a strong background in local council and construction, amongst others.

“I would recommend a career in construction to the younger female generation, but you must like working in a fast-paced environment and working with a bunch of blokes. You’ve got to be able to stand on your own two feet and get on with the job.
There doesn’t seem to be a problem attracting woman to admin jobs in the industry but we definitely need to do more to attract and keep women in other areas of the industry.
We can we strive to strike a #BalanceforBetter by making women working in the industry more visible so that it’s seen as a viable career option. Women often fall into the industry, rather than making a career choice, but once here they love it. That’s how I got here.
Quickway is different because it makes you feel like you are an important member of the team and the people here know how to have a laugh while still getting the job done.”

Meet Kathy Diskin:

“My role within Quickway is the Traffic Manager. I have worked with Quickway since 2011. My career began while working as a Site Supervisor for the Traffic Department for 3 years from there I moved into the position of Traffic Coordinator and held this role for 3 years and finally progressing to my current role as Traffic Manager.

When I first moved to Australia, Traffic Control seemed to be the best option to take. I never imagined that it would lead to a full-time career but the opportunities that presented themselves within construction have been fantastic and got me where I am today.

I would recommend a career in construction to the younger female generation, definitely! Traditionally, the construction industry wasn’t on the radar for women but times are changing and there is so much potential in this industry for women to really make a fantastic career for themselves.

I think there has been a shift in the rate of hire of men vs women in the industry. Construction is male-dominated, but women are definitely making their mark from working onsite right up to management level.

I think the industry is continuously moving towards #BalanceforBetter but there is still a slight stigma attached where this can be improved. Obviously this will take time but I believe we are moving in the right direction.

Opportunities always present themselves within Quickway whether you are male or female. I believe that Quickway has the right attitude towards Women in Construction and the encouragement, feedback & guidance that we receive is something I think we are so lucky to have. We have a family style environment and everyone is always there to better each other and help achieve our goals. Genuinely, I couldn’t be happier working for Quickway.”

Meet Emma Armstrong:


“My name is Emma Armstrong. I have had the pleasure of working with Quickway for nearly 3 years. I first started off as a Traffic Controller – within 3 months I was offered an opportunity as a Team Leader. I graciously accepted this offer with open arms. Working with Quickway opens doors, they reward their employee’s for hard work, they recognise you as a person, regardless of what gender you are.

I chose construction as a career because of its flexibility. As a Mum of two it allows me to be there for my children. Quickway as a company recognises home, life and work balance.

I would 110% recommend construction to young females. It’s a brilliant industry to be involved in. I have found working within this industry to be empowering. It makes one take control of situations within a fast-paced environment. I feel that young women could greatly benefit personally from this.

I have noticed in the last number of years there has been a huge surge of women in the industry from all levels from management to ground level. Women are making the construction industry approachable for other young women.

I believe we should keep supporting one another, this in turn will deliver a #BalanceforBetter within the industry.

I feel with Quickway there’s always an open door, room to improve and move forward as a male or female. I am happy to work for a company that gives equal opportunities and works as a team, as well as one big happy family.”

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