Quickway wins first contract in SA

Quickway are supporting CR Rail to lead the track construction on the interstate network upgrade in Adelaide. We are proud to be part of this project, which is our first in South Australia.

The project involves the track upgrade between Dry Creek and Gillman in Adelaide which supports intermodal freight traffic to and from WA as well as a lot of heavy minerals rail freight. The upgrade will improve capacity by increasing rail size along the interstate line, moving rail size from 47 kg per metre to 60kg per metre and along with some other works will allow for higher axle loads (25 tonnes at 80km/h).

Track construction will involve laying sleepers on rail and installing rail in 13m lengths adjacent to existing track. Existing track will be excavated beside, and skeleton track to be put into place and welded. Plain track to be done top ballasted and tamped to design heights and alignments. The project will also involve level crossing upgrades and turnout installations on loop roads.

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