Safety Employee of the Quarter

Quickway’s HSEQ Manager, Stephen Scotney, presenting Tommy Flanagan of our Roads & Bridges division with an award for Safety Employee of the Quarter. Tommy is currently employed on the Northwest Rapid Transit project and was nominated due to his positive attitude and always wanting to do the right thing, safely and proactively.

Tommy behaves in a manner on the project (and outside the project) which is a credit to himself. As a supervisor in an environment that can be testing, and particularly from a safety aspect, his insight into identifying potential issues ensures that both the integrity of the company and the wellbeing of all employees is maintained through addressing issues – whether by himself or by escalating to a higher level.

Tommy has taken on board the role as supervisor and has not been afraid of speaking up with regards potential safety, quality or environmental issues. Tommy ensures that the correct equipment is there for the right job and liaises closely with the NRT staff (supervisors/safety advisors) to ensure that this is maintained.

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