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Quickway aims to be an inclusive company where diversity is valued, respected, and supported.
We are committed to Equal Employment Opportunities.

& Inclusion

At Quickway, we are focused on gender and cultural diversity and inclusion.

As part of our commitment to equal opportunities in the workplace, we would like to recognise, support and promote women in the construction industry. We are committed to creating a shift in culture through promoting greater participation and progression of women.

The Quickway ethos is based on openness, honesty and fairness, so balance and diversity are key. We continue to encourage and support women to build a career with us.

We aim to close the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous communities by increasing opportunities for indigenous people at Quickway.

We partner with local indigenous leaders within their communities to provide employment opportunities whilst acknowledging and respecting their culture, traditions and lands.

We combine indigenous knowledge with professional experience to provide all staff with training in the form of inductions. Cultural awareness training is a vital tool in helping people of different backgrounds work more effectively with one another.