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Project Description

Country Regional Network – Bonville


Project Overview

The Country Regional Network (CRN) involved the maintenance and upgrading of 2,700 km of operational freight and passenger lines and 3,100 km of non-operational lines throughout NSW.

The CRN scope included construction or replacement of 600 existing rail under bridges and 384 road bridges and associated works.

Project Description

Quickway were engaged to carry out the replacement of existing life-expired timber bridge with a new girder bridge. The scope of our works included:

  • Demolition of existing bridge and bridge abutments
  • Excavation for and construction of new in-situ bridge abutments to RMS B80
  • Supply and installation of backfilling to new abutments and of elastomeric bearings to RMS B30
  • Installation of arched steel girders
  • Construction of new in-situ reinforced concrete deck slab and all jointing to RMS B80 specifications
  • Installation of precast barriers to RMS B80 specifications
  • Approach earthworks and associated roadworks with signage


    Number of Bridges: 1 Single Span bridge – 20m

    Number of Bridge Construction Concurrently: 1

    Type of Bridge: Overbridge – over rail

    Type of Superstructure: Girders with transverse precast concrete slab and topping in-situ slab

    Type of Substructure: In- situ abutments with oversized bases eliminating the requirement for piling due to soil conditions

    Type of Parapets: Precast Parapets with in-situ radius approach barriers

    Key Challenges

    • Working within the rail corridor: Engagement with ARTC for working with allotted time frames and parameters
    • Community / Stakeholder Relations: The local community consisted of the ex-mayor of Coffs Harbour and updates were given regularly to any disruptions to their commute.
    • National Park restrictions: Work was completed in close proximity to the national park and controls were put in place to prevent any environmental impacts through development of the site CWEP and review of the local protected species of flora and fauna.

John Holland

Country Regional Network

3 weeks

✓ Concrete Stuctures
✓ Roads & Bridges
✓ Rail