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In recognising the value of our people, Quickway offers learning and development opportunities to enhance the skills and fast-track the development of all employees.


Traineeships & Apprenticeships

We actively encourage our workers to pursue industry relevant training. This ensures quality workmanship across the various projects in which we are involved, and offers both practical and theoretical learning opportunities for our employees to accelerate their careers and develop their skills. Traineeships and apprenticeships offer our employees the opportunity to learn on the job, gaining invaluable practical experience.

Quickway offers the following traineeships to employees:

• Cert II Civil Construction

• Cert IV Front Line Management

• Cert IV Business

Quickway offers the following apprenticeships to employees:

• Cert III Carpentry

Quickway provide a supportive and dynamic learning environment, where you will gain all the required knowledge and skills to progress in your field.