With the growing concerns for our environment, Quickway’s consideration for our environment is of the utmost importance.

It is our mission to be a responsible business committed to protecting and conserving the resources and preventing pollution in all our business activities through a commitment to the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development as detailed in the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991 (NSW).

Management Commitment

Quickway is committed to conserving and protecting the environment by establishing and meeting the following targets and objectives:

  • Compliance with applicable regulations, industry standards, and contractual requirements
  • Implement and maintain a documented Environmental Management System compliant to ISO14001
  • Promote responsible environmental practices to all employees through project environmental plans and registers that identify as a minimum opportunities to:
    • Reduce water consumption and improve water efficiency
    • Minimise pollution emissions or discharges to the environment
    • Proactively protect, preserve and enhance biodiversity in the work zone and surrounding natural habitats
  • Continual improvement of the Environmental Management System through periodic reviews against defined environmental objectives
  • Support of the concept of waste minimisation and recycling
  • Support Client initiatives when on sites
  • Our Environmental Policy is communicated to employees, clients, contractors and is available to the public

All Quickway workers are required to co-operate with management so that the policy, programmes and legislative requirements ensure that the environment remains in a safe and healthy condition.

Quickway Managers will always be held accountable for detecting conditions detrimental to the environment.

The Directors directly supports the environmental system requirements by integrating environmental deliberation and responsibility into day to day decisions and long term goals across all activities and disciplines.