Westconnex New M5

Project Overview

The New M5 will increase the capacity of the M5 East Motorway corridor by providing twin underground motorway tunnels, from Kingsgrove to the new St. Peters Interchange at the site of the old Alexandria landfill facility. The St. Peters Interchange will provide connections to Alexandria and Mascot. It also includes connections to the future Sydney Gateway and M4-M5 link.

The pavement works formed part of the New M5 work, between the King Georges Road Interchange on the existing M5 East motorway at Beverly Hills and the new M5 at Kingsgrove.

Project Description

Quickway was engaged on this project to construct the concrete substructure & superstructure at the new SPI Cut & Cover tunnel. The scope of our works included:

  • In-situ concrete substructure forming the entrance of the tunnels and to support pre-cast girders.
  • Placement of pre-cast elements and in-situ slab and building deck pours which support the maintenance and service buildings for the St. Peters tunnel.

Quickway were also contracted to complete concrete paving works at Kingsgrove. We constructed the base and subbase of the New M5. The subbase consists of Lean Mix Concrete (LMC) and was placed using a twin beam screed. Quickway provided the skilled labour necessary to place LMC using a paving machine. The base was made of continuous reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP). Concrete was placed using twin beam vibrating screed.


Type of Substructure: In-situ headstocks, pile capping beams, columns and walls, pavement, F-type barriers and kerbs, pumping station and retaining walls.

(top/down and bottom/up method of construction for the substructure works).

Type of Superstructure: Placement of pre-cast girders and planks, in-situ concrete deck and slab pours.

Key Challenges

  • Varying methods of construction provided different challenges and risks to consider and eliminate.
  • Work was completed in a restricted section of the site, with multiple activities being carried out at the same time.
  • Deadlines to coincide with the other CDS-JV work packages. Handover dates to critical paths such as pre-cast elements and tunnel breakthrough.

CDS-JV (CPB / Dragados / Samsung JV)

Asset Owner

Sydney Motorway Corporation



Roads & Bridges