Canberra Metro Flemington 132kV Overhead Crossing Replacement

Project Overview

City to Gungahlin – Stage One

The City to Gungahlin corridor is an important part of the Transport for Canberra policy, which maps out ways to deliver faster, more convenient and more sustainable transport options for Canberra over the next 20 years.

Light rail will run from City to Gungahlin, along Northbourne Avenue and Flemington Road. It will deliver high quality, reliable and frequent public transport down one of Canberra’s busiest corridors.

Fast Fact

12 km route, 6-minute peak service, 10-15 minute off peak, 13 stops, 14 light rail vehicles, 24 minute journey time, same level boarding at all stops, 2 dedicated wheelchair spaces, bikes on board and capacity of more than 200 people.

Project Description

As part of the Canberra Metro Light Rail project, Quickway was engaged to upgrade the section of the 132kV overhead line crossing Flemington Road and the new Light Rail.

Quickway’s scope of works included:

  • Boring, dressing and standing of 12 direct buried two-piece concrete poles
  • Supply and installation of 24 ground stays and wires
  • Supply and installation of 12X3m earthing rods and connection to poles
  • Installation of 6000m of Lemon conductor
  • Installation of 2500m of OHEW
  • Decommissioning and removal of two existing 132kV H Structures
  • Provision of Traffic Management plans and onsite Traffic Management for
  • the duration of the works.

EvoEnergy Ltd

Asset Owner

Canberra Light Rail


6 Months

Traffic Management