Canberra Metro

Project Overview

City to Gungahlin – Stage One

The City to Gungahlin corridor is an important part of the Transport for Canberra policy, which maps out ways to deliver faster, more convenient and more sustainable transport options for Canberra over the next 20 years.

Light rail will run from City to Gungahlin, along Northbourne Avenue and Flemington Road. It will deliver high quality, reliable and frequent public transport down one of Canberra’s busiest corridors.

Fast Fact

12 km route, 6-minute peak service, 10-15 minute off peak, 13 stops, 14 light rail vehicles, 24 minute journey time, same level boarding at all stops, 2 dedicated wheelchair spaces, bikes on board and capacity of more than 200 people.

Project Description

Concrete Structures:

Quickway worked intensively on the project to help deliver a wide range of concrete structures in a safe and timely manner, such as track slabs, station structures, stormwater pits, footpaths and kerbing.

Our Rail team:

  • Cleaned and primed the rail channels cast into the concrete
  • Surveyed and adjusted height and gauge to design
  • Poured the edilon sedra compound into the channels
  • Certified light rail for testing

Our Electrical team:

  • Installed 11kV terminations and joints
  • Installed 750vDC terminations and joints
  • Completed Sections 1 and 2 of the new electrical infrastructure on the rail installation

Our Communications team:

  • Installed fibre optic cabling on a tight schedule due to outages and cutovers
  • Installed conduits and pits for the combined services route (CSR)
  • Was responsible for the key cable installations which supply power and telecommunications to the new Canberra Metro line

CPB and John Holland Joint Venture

Asset Owner

Canberra Light Rail


1 year

Concrete Structures