East Tahmoor Wastewater Infrastructure

Project Overview:

Quickway have been undertaking works as part of the Sydney Water Partnering for Success Program (P4S). The program is Sydney Water’s Regionalised approach to delivering capital work projects.

Project Description:

The works involved the in-situ Form/Reo/Pour of the concrete water retaining structure 7m wide, 6m high and 5m deep and installation of concrete protection coating (AKS liner), hydrotesting and connecting the line to the existing wastewater network along with backfilling around the structure to Sydney Water specifications. The structure included turrets for access into the tank and was complex as the pours had to be scheduled accordingly to ensure the construction of the joints particularly the walls and the roof slab.

Key Challenges:

The project was tightly scheduled, particularly having to adhere to the specifications which were strict and presented a time constraint challenge between the pouring of concrete and minimum curing times to ensure adequate concrete strengths were obtained.

Pumping stations were often located at the lowest point in the worksite. Each occurrence of rainfall required our team to pump water from deep excavations and to use adequate environmental control measures to discharge the water to nearby waterways.


Abergeldie Fulton Hogan JV

Asset Owner

Sydney Water


4 months

Concrete Structures