Liverpool City Council Events

Project Overview

Quickway were engaged by Liverpool City Council to manage their traffic control needs for their annual New Years Eve Event at Homestead Park, Liverpool for 2016 and 2017. Quickway carried out the event successfully with consideration given to traffic plans, traffic demands, traffic routing, stakeholders and all vehicle requirements. After the 2016 event, Quickway were engaged to develop and execute traffic management plans for various other projects including Carnes Hill Festival, “Spring into Liverpool”, the “Eat Your Heart Out” festival and the “Freedom of Entry March”.

Project Description

Quickway provided traffic control services throughout the Liverpool Council annual events. This involved liaising with the RMS and the Council to develop all required plans and obtain RMS licencing, as well as onsite traffic control provision.



Liverpool City Council

Asset Owner

Homestead Park


1 year

Traffic Maangement