Project Overview

WestConnex is one of the NSW Government’s key infrastructure projects to ease congestion by widening the M4. It is the largest integrated transport and urban revitalisation project in Australia.

The project involved the construction of various lean-mix concrete (LMC), plain concrete pavement (PCP) and continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCR) rigid paving works across the M4 Widening project. It included a new walkway and three new pier protection walls at Piers 16, 17A & 18 in Harris Park. The scope of works involved the demolition of existing pier protection and construction of new pier protection walls and walkways.

Project Description

  • Architectural Concrete: The scope involved architectural concrete ad complex formwork solutions.
  • Paving: The scope included supplying skilled labours to erect formwork and install edge boards, preparing reinforcement and the placement and curing of concrete to RMS specifications for the various paving works across the project.
  • Creek Widening: The creek widening scope included construction of the new aesthetically friendly pier protection walls at Piers 16, 17A, 18, and the construction of a new walkway. The construction of new reinforced concrete protection walls allowed for the installation of innovative shutters to provide the required finish around the piers.
  • Noise Wall Capping Beams: Quickway were also contracted to undertake the construction of new noise wall capping beams for the installation of noise wall panels along the M4.
  • Barrier Stitch Pour & ACO Drains: This involved FRP stitch pour of precast barriers installed over 13Km and installation and pouring ACO drains in various locations along the M4 upgrade. Quickway were contracted to install reinforcement, form using fabricated steel forms, and pour and finish concrete for barrier stitch pours completing 200+ meters per shift when running at full capacity. Under this project number Quickway was also contracted to install ACO drains in various locations on the project.
  • Headstock Camera Corbels: Quickway were contracted to design formwork and construct camera corbels for pier headstocks that had been completed. The locations and access to these headstocks required technical formwork to be utilized to complete the works under strict deadlines for the opening of the viaduct.
  • RW18 Retaining Wall Slab Tie in: This involved FRP stitch pour of precast retaining wall L Panels. Quickway were contracted to install reinforcement, form, hit and miss, and pour and finish concrete as per RMS specification R82.

RCPBJV (Rizzani and CPB Contractors Joint Venture)

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