Newcastle Inner City Bypass – Rankin Park to Jesmond – Southern Utilities Relocation

Project Overview:

Quickway were engaged by TfNSW for multiple utility relocations, as part of the early works for the major Rankin Park to Jesmond Project. The project is located within the Newcastle City Council local government area with key features including:

  • Removal of the existing median and construction of new pavement and associated works to realign traffic on Lookout Road to facilitate the utility relocation works.
  • Adjustments to existing water, sewer, electrical, gas and telecommunications utilities at the southern interchange that will be impacted by the construction of the main works.
  • Miscellaneous minor roadworks comprising erosion and sedimentation, pavement reinstatement, kerb and gutter, safety barriers, signposting and pavement markings.

Project Description:

  • Water:
    • 980m of Dual DN630 PE Water Main (2 x 980m) to be installed along and across Lookout Road, including 320m of DN800 Case-bored road crossings.
    • 390m of DN180 PE Water Main along McCaffrey Drive.
  • Sewer/Wastewater: 
    • Decommission existing Sewer
    • Sewer connections and grouting existing pipe.
  • Electrical
    • Relocation of 1200m of overhead Street Lights, ADSS, LV, and HV cable and poles. The works also required the installation of over 12 crossings of Lookout Rd, and also the construction of new pole foundations, pits, jointing works and commissioning.
  • Gas: 
    • 490m of LP Gas Network relocation
  • Telecommunications (Telstra, Optus, NBN, TPG): 
    • 820m of trenching excavation, conduit installation and backfill. This includes 2 road crossings of 4-6 lane Lookout Road.
  • Roadworks:
    • Provision of Site access approvals, environmental approvals and structuring the Project team to meet TfNSW’s exacting standards.
    • Construction of large compound for the project scope, and to be used for the future Newcastle Inner City Bypass.
    • Traffic Management for the whole works, including significant staging for multiple utility locations.
    • 250m of median removal and roadway construction to accommodate new bypass alignment
    • 3,200m2 of Heavy-Duty Asphalt installation
    • 230m of Safety Barrier supply and install
    • 6km of permanent line-marking

Key Contract Outcomes:

  • Extensive coordination carried out with key stakeholders including John Hunter Hospital, local residents and utility service providers.
  • Worked with TfNSW to redesign road crossings to eliminate intrusive and high risk nightwork.
  • Worked with TfNSW to re-sequence activities and traffic staging to take advantage of reduced traffic volumes during Covid Lockdown.
  • Achieved consistently high scoring in TfNSW Contractor Performance Reporting in Collaboration, Community and Stakeholder Engagement, Environmental Management, People Management, Standard of Work, Time Management and Traffic Management.

Transport for NSW

Asset Owner

Transport for NSW


14 months

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