Sydney Metro West, Power Enabling Works

Project Overview:

Specialised equipment used to construct tunnels, passages and caverns for Sydney Metro West will require a dedicated power source. In Rozelle this means new cables will need to be installed between the Rozelle sub-transmission substation and the proposed Sydney Metro West station at The Bays. This route was determined based on studies of existing underground utilities and available space in the road pavement for this power supply. Options to avoid residential streets were included as part of the route selection.

The project also includes power supply works at the Erskine Park Pre-Cast Facility site for the manufacturing of the tunnelling segments.

Quickway has been engaged by Sydney Metro West to deliver the Power Enabling Works project.

Scope of Works:

As part of this project, Quickway’s scope of works includes but not limited to:

  • Excavation of trenches and installing conduits to hold new cables (including future proofing for empty conduits for other NSW Government projects)
  • Backfilling trenches and resurfacing the areas in accordance with Council requirements
  • Underboring works (where trenching is not possible, for example to avoid impacts on major roads)
  • Joint bay construction and installation works
  • Cabling works, customer kiosks
  • Traffic management works to facilitate construction works

Project Management Plans:

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Early 2021 - Mid 2022

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