Sydney Metro West – Westmead Utility Relocations

Project Overview:

Sydney Metro is Australia’s biggest public transport program comprising four main packages of work. The Sydney Metro West (SMW) project is a critical part of this overall program extending from Westmead to Hunter Street in the Sydney CBD.

SMW will be located largely underground in twin tunnels. Excavation of the tunnels and underground stations will be undertaken by a combination of Road-Headers (RHs) and Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs). To facilitate the Sydney Metro West Project, a number of utility service installations and relocations are required. Sydney Metro (SM) (the Proponent) has engaged Quickway to undertake utility relocation works for Telstra (comms) and Jemena (Gas) for the Westmead metro station.

Scope of Works:

  • Excavation of trenches and installing conduits for new comms cables and gas main (conduits installed by Telstra for comms and Jemena for gas)
  • Backfilling trenches and resurfacing the areas in accordance with Council requirements
  • Traffic management works to facilitate construction works

Project Management Plans:

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