Western Sydney Aerotropolis Growth Area – Drinking Water – WSAGA Package 1C

Project Overview:

Sydney Water plans to build new drinking water pipelines in the City of Penrith Local Government Area (LGA) to meet the growing demand for drinking water in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Growth Area (WSAGA).

The three pipelines to be installed include:

  • Salisbury Avenue watermain: a 500 metre DN315 pipeline, located in the eastern road verge of Salisbury Avenue between Elizabeth Drive and 26-32 Salisbury Avenue.
  • Clifton Avenue watermain: a 1400 metre DN400 pipeline, located in the western road verge of Clifton Avenue from Elizabeth Drive to 90 Clifton Avenue.
  • Clifton Avenue to Mamre Road watermain: a 400 metre DN315 pipeline, located within an existing Sydney Water easement under Kemps Creek and in the road verge of Clifton Avenue and Mamre Road.

Project Description:

Quickway were contracted for the installation of 3 drinking water pipelines to service growth in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Growth Area and Western Sydney Airport.

Our works included traffic management, installing environmental and safety measures, excavating trenches, including stockpiling of spoil material on the upslope, shoring and dewatering trenches, installing pipelines, pipe welding, backfilling the trench with bedding material and excavated soil, compacting trench fill material, installing ancillary structures including stop valves and pits, restoring areas disturbed by the construction works, pressure/leakage testing on the pipelines, disinfection of pipelines, testing and commissioning for all modes of operation.

Key Challenges:

Program was a key element of the project, which had to be complete in by end of Financial Year (June 30th) which was a relatively tight program.

Project was programmed for all nights, to reduce impact on traffic/community.

Multiple interfaces with other projects and contractors, including TFNSW M12 Motorway Project and Sydney Water Upper South Creek Project. This required extensive planning and co-ordination by the project team and internal traffic team.


West Region Deliver Team

Asset Owner

Sydney Water


6 months

Traffic Management