In 2011, Quickway expanded its services to include underground service installation. Quickway Electrical boasts a highly skilled management team with over 25 years of combined knowledge and experience in delivering complex projects.

We are Principal Contractors that provide services for major projects to some of Australia’s leading utility providers. Our expertise predominantly sits within the underground service installations for electrical and telecommunications clients. This encompasses trenching, conduit installation, pit and cable laying, and pavement reinstatement, both in greenfield and high-density urban or residential areas. We take pride in our ability to deliver results that routinely surpass our clients’ expectations.

Our dedicated and proactive Quickway crews consist of highly skilled electrical tradespeople who are focused and driven to achieve high safety and quality standards. Additionally, we have experienced GIS personnel for capturing as-builts and can offer all related construction works in conjunction with our Transport Infrastructure division (Roads & Bridges, Concrete Structures, Rail, Tunnels, Traffic Management, and Communications).

We undertake complex projects with a client-focused approach.

Our scope of works to date and capabilities include:

  • Project Management
  • Design (managed in-house)
  • Engineering
  • Premium Electrical Underground Service Installations
  • Substation Construction Activities
  • Electrical Reticulation Works on various voltages throughout the utility networks
  • Solar Farms